CEO, entrepreneur, and business author J.N. "Jim" Whiddon, who focused much of his executive career in the financial services industry, has owned and operated thriving companies for more than 30 years. He was the host of his own investment radio talk show for five years, including a stint with CNN Headline News in Dallas. Whiddon has been frequently interviewed and quoted by national media outlets including Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, and CNBC.

The Old School Advantage is Whiddon's fourth book, one that he intently prepared for by reading more than four hundred other titles for the purpose of research. His previously published works include: There for the Taking, Wealth Without Worry, and The Investing Revolutionaries. Whiddon earned his bachelor's degree from Texas A&M University and a master of science from The American College in Philadelphia.

In his leisure time, he enjoys playing the guitar and all sports. Whiddon lives in Dallas with his wife Nizie and they have four children ranging from ages 16 to 23.


"Studies have shown that only a quarter of college graduates have the writing and thinking skills necessary to do their jobs. Given this, we see a unique opportunity for young men and women of courage, commitment and faith to fill a gaping hole in our society.

We need to surround our students and young adults with teachers and mentors who understand the times and know what it is they should do. The Old Schoolâ„¢ curriculum has been developed through a foundational biblical worldview that focuses on developing extraordinary social, communication and leadership skills by focusing in these areas: Ready Recall, Using Fit Words, Personal Influence, Reason/Classic Argumentation, Storytelling, Time Management, Decision-making, Career Optimization, Life-long Learning and much more.

Any successful organization recognizes that the person who has technical expertise plus the ability to express ideas and exhibit wisdom 'beyond their years' should be placed in a leadership role. We need to mentor the next generation to fill these positions to influence and inspire others.

The Old School™ is committed to building strong individuals, families, communities and companies. And there is no better time than now for you to seize the moment and go 'old school!'"


J.N. Whiddon